Go hog wild in Jena! while learning. while shopping. while singing. while dancing. while grilling. while running while hiking. while eating. while partying.

In three easy steps to a new beginning.

1. Go to the citizen service (Bürgerservice)

Make an appointment at the citizen office online. To register your main residence in Jena, you have to bring a confirmation from your landlord with your new adress.

Löbdergraben 12, 07743 Jena

2. Go to the INFOtake

Go to the INFOtake at the university campus with your ID card (with new Jena adress) and your study certificate. Ask for the form for education support (form is in german) and fill it out.

Ernst-Abbe-Platz 5, 07743 Jena

3. Enjoy Jena

You will get 120 euros over the next two semesters (60 euros after each semester). Have fun discovering Jena.

Attention! For the second 60 euros you need to go back to the INFOTake and fill out another form for education support.


Jena Goes Hog Wild! - Main Residence Party

You are living in Jena for a while now. You found new friends, new hobbies and maybe a complete new life! We think this is good occasion to celebrate the fact that you decided to move to Jena. Dance the night away with Indie, Dance, Electro and Pop, and with the best DJ Team in the world: King Kong Kicks.

Bring your friends, bring your fans and, most important, never stop to dance!