Show your colour at the Landgraf

The Landgraf is one of the most popular viewing points at the light city Jena. He offers a fantastic view on the city lying about 100 meters below. From the 30 meter high observation tower, which isn’t called the ‚Balcony of Jena‘, you can enjoy the best view.

The area around the Landgrafen is mainly famous for the double battle of Jena and Auerstedt. So there is a lot of history around there, like almost everywhere in Jena.

The Landgraf doesn’t only impress with the nice view, but is also a starting point for many beautiful hikes on the heights of Jena. He is part of many hiking routes, for example the get-fit-trail or the paths through the ‚Goethewäldchen‘ (Goethe forest). So dig out the hiking shoes and explore Jena! Especially on holidays you can meet a lot of students here, who use the free time for some hiking tours.

To recover from the steep hike, you can get something to eat at the panorama restaurant „Landgrafen“. A dream come true for every gourmet! And the creative kitchen furthermore mainly uses regional products.


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