It’s getting colourful with Café Brandmarken

In the mood for a cozy atmosphere? Then Café Brandmarken is the place to be for you.

Rustic coziness and yummy sweets – that’s what Café Brandmarken has to offer. It is located in the central of Jena at Saalstraße 12 and pampers its visitors with delicious pies, tartes and cakes.

You can also have breakfast here and there’s something for everyone: no matter if vegan, vegetarian or omnivore, the sweet or the salty breakfast type. You’ll definitely find something really good.

But the café doesn’t only get its charm from the delicious food, but also because of the handpicked furniture and the lovely people. Furnished like your grannies living room, you can just sit back in a big armchair and watch the people walk by the large windows.

For a champagne breakfast, for a coffee with your best friends or simply for something sweet – swing by at Brandmarken!


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