Make an appointment online for the city hall, go there with your landlord’s certificate of residence and register your main residence in Jena.

Löbdergraben 12, 07743 Jena

On our website you will find the INFOtake registration form. You have to send this form, together with your certificate of enrollment and a copy of the registration confirmation of the city of Jena by mail to the INFOtake or drop it in one of the two mailboxes of the INFOtake on the Ernst-Abbe-Platz.
Ernst-Abbe-Platz 5, 07743 Jena

You will get 60 Euro each for the next two semesters and finally get started in Jena with many advantages!

Attention! For the second 60 Euro you have to fill out and hand in the form again.


The training bonus is available to both students and trainees if you have moved to Jena and have registered your primary residence here.

Any person changing their place of residence must report this. The residence can be registered either as a main or secondary residence. However, only those who use their apartment irregularly should register it as secondary residence. However, those who move to a new city as a result of their studies or training should also register their main residence there.


1. The training support – 2 x 60 Euro
Besides the feeling of having arrived, there is also pocket money. All students/trainees who register their main residence in Jena will receive 60 euros from the city for two semesters. The application for educational support can be downloaded above. Simply fill it out until 31.12.2020, submit it and then collect the money.

2. Less stress in dealing with authorities
When you register your main residence, you do not have to drive home every time to fill out a form, register a car or apply for an identity card. All this can be done quickly and easily on site. Everything is available around the corner or even online. This way, your mail will also be delivered to you and not to your parents’ mailbox, where it has to wait a long time or be sent to you afterwards.

3. Amenities
For example, the free disposal of bulky waste (the next move is sure to come!) or a resident parking permit. Just all the little things that you should not be missing.

Jena welcomes you with all its heart to your new home! The name ‘student paradise’ is not a coincidence: The almost 25,000 students make up a large part of the population and shape and enrich the Jena cityscape enormously. They bring color to the streets, create a lively scene and young ideas in political and social discourse. So since you do a lot for Jena, the city also tries to do as much as possible for you. Whether high or independent culture, soccer or golf, urban infrastructure or unspoiled nature – your city sets many levers in motion for an above-average cultural, sportive and social offer. However, the maintenance and expansion of these offers also needs to be financed. And this is where you come in: Because for every citizen who reports their primary residence in Jena, the city receives funding from the state of Thuringia. It does not receive these funds for citizens registered with a secondary residence. So if you have moved your center of life to Jena, it is also fair to register your main residence here. In this way you contribute to the fact that Jena has more to offer. You will also profit from this!


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