• By VivienEnders / 28. November 2019

    You were always interested in Radio and wonder how a radio reports works, always wanted to ask your favorite artist your burning questions or would like to work with the technology behind a radio show? Then you’re right were you need to be at the Campus Radio Jena.

    The radio is a project founded by the two Jenaer student councils of the FSU and the EAH Jena in the summer of 2002.

    On weekdays the owls of the Campus Radio have a daily airtime of 5 hours, always from 8 to 11 o’clock (am) and then again from 10 to 12 o’clock (pm). You can listen to the show on UKW 103,4 MHz of Radio OKJ or you can stream it on the website of the Campus Radio.

    The topics of the show include everything concerning the study in Jena, ranging from university and regional politics to with which series you’ll be able to procrastinate best.

    Everyone meets up for the editorial meeting on Monday evenings at 8 o’clock pm. Here the spaces for moderation get assigned, organizational and technical questions will be discussed and new ideas for segments collected. The editorial team then subdivides into music editing, sports editing or technology. The team for music editing for example meets up every Tuesday at 2 o’clock pm and discusses the new releases in different genres or to search for new artist and the best new concerts.

    So if you’re interested to take a look at everything concerning radio, stop by at the Campus Radio Jena! Everyone is welcome, no matter what knowledge you have or don’t have or what parts you’re interested in!


  • By VivienEnders / 26. November 2019

    The name Kassablanca actually came from the saying ‚blanke Kasse‘, which basically translates into having no money in English – so perfect for poor students!

    The association behind the club is called Kassblanca e.V. and exists since 1990. After several moves and building alterations, the club has finally found its permanent home close to the east station, in the Felsenkellerstraße 13a.

    The program constantly features club evenings with different musical themes such as House and Techno or Darkwave. The Kassablanca also offers a broad range of concerts. Ska, Reggae, Punk, Pop, Indie and Rap…Everyone will find something for their taste here. The monthly poetry slams also always promises best entertainment.

    If you for once don’t want to rock out dancing or singing, the Kassa can also do it (a little) quieter. There are cinema screenings and literature evenings as well as several activities to participate.

    If you want to test yourself on the stage and on the mic or if you want to learn new things in workshops like dancing or DJ skills: the Kassa is the right place for you!

    PS: If you want to experience a party at the Kassa first hand, come to our big main residence party on 28.11!


  • By HWK Team / 24. November 2019

    The Rosenkeller is lovingly called “the Rose” and it‘s a real institution.

    The Rose is something really special: You can dance through the night under the ground here. The student club already exists since 1966. Then, students turned the unused wine cellar into a club. Accordingly old are the vaults and accordingly cool is the atmosphere.

    The student club has a lot to offer. Traditionally there are a lot of parties. Many majors celebrate their parties here and also the traditional welcome party for the new semesters is held at the Rosenkeller. You could kind of say you’re not a real student, if you haven’t partied in the Rose at least once.

    But the Rose can also do more. Concerts and readings take place in the old vaulted cellars as well. Musically, you get spoiled with everything your heart desires here. Especially fans of rock music or technofreaks get their money’s worth here. And in between you can treat yourself to a Rosenpils in KleinJena, which is the name of the bar.

    Another plus are the entrance fees. Fit for the student’s pocket, you can also party here when the money is becoming scarce at the end of the month. How cool!


  • By VivienEnders / 21. November 2019

    The Wagner Café. The vivid student life in all its varieties really takes place here and everyone will find something. Doesn’t matter if you search for good food, culture or just a party: You’ll find what you’re looking for here.

    You can find the Café in the Wagnergasse 26, a part of Jena where the student life and culture really flourishes anyway. The Café Wagner is kept by the Wagner e.V., a society that was founded to keep the Café alive and took over the store in 2001 from the student services Jena.

    When it comes to food, you can indulge in the vegan or vegetarian lunch menu of the Café Wagner. Most of the dishes as well as the drinks are local and seasonal. Super cool!

    The Café Wagner also offers a broad evening program, ranging from hot parties to movie screenings, literature lectures, impro theater or information events. There is definitely always some exciting events going on here!

    Regularly also different musicians find their way into the Café Wagner and play concerts here. Whatever you like to hear: almost every musical genre is represented here.

    You can also try different things by yourself. For example in the Wagner’s Corner (the stage is yours) or at the only Mic Rapcypher in Jena. Famous and infamous are also the Wagner slam games.

    So what are you waiting for? Come on over!


  • By VivienEnders / 19. November 2019

    Just 5 minutes by tram from the city center, the Sparkassenarena is a versatile hall in the Burgau district.

    From small concerts, such as Max Raabe & Palast Orchestra, to impressive stage shows and performances by comedy celebrities, such as Mario Barth or Ralf Schmitz, to festive balls of various faculties of the university, there is something for everyone.


    It is also possible to rent the hall from 50 people on for various events and you can also take advantage of the hall’s own catering.

    In addition, the basketball team of Science City plays regularly in this hall.

    In 2007, the team played under its current name for the first time, and after a few difficult years, finally rose to the national league.

    They are always looking for new player or coaching talents. Basketball enthusiasts of all levels, from the leisure team to the regional team, can gain insight into the trial periods. Information can be found at info@basketball-jena.de or on the homepage



  • By VivienEnders / 18. November 2019

    You’ve been sitting in a seminar or library for hours? You urgently need a compensation?

    The University Sports Center (USZ) in Jena is the center of all those who love to exercise in any form and get to know many new people. Every semester you have the opportunity to try out new or familiar sports. There is a wide range of sports on offer, from football to Quidditch, which makes even the biggest sports antagonists wanna move.


    The Unisportcard has just been introduced, it allows you to attend a wide range of courses for only 7 Euro per month, which are included in this offer. You can also use the sports facilities of the USZ without charge and get additional discounts for all the other courses that are not already included in the Unisportcard.

    You can easily register on the university sports page, where you can also buy the Unisportcard. Check it out, get to know new things and have fun with movement, from dancing to tennis, everything is available for you.


  • By VivienEnders / 14. November 2019

    With over 15 Bars, Cafes and Restaurants, the Wagnergasse is considered as a popular pup mile in Jena and a real magnet for visitors. Next to culinary sites you’ll also find little stores lined up next to each other from the Johannisplatz to the August-Bebel-Straße.

    Everyone finds something to eat here: from traditional Thuringian cuisine, to Asian Food, all the way to the good old pizzeria, there’s everything your heart desires – and much more! Especially in summer, the Wagnergasse is filled with people. During the hot midday sun or on a mild summer night – there’s always a lot going on.

    You can relax and drink some coffee with your friends, celebrate the end of exams with a beer or get to know each other better over some dinner.


    Only a few people know that the Wagnergasse used to be a trough road to Weimar and Erfurt, that also Goethe often passed with his carriage. That’s why the ‘Wagner’ settled here very early, who earned their money with the construction of carts and carriages. They are the reason for the name of the alley.
    Even though the rustic cobblestone were removed during a reconstruction that took almost two years, the flair and the charming atmosphere of the Wagnergasse could be retained.


  • By VivienEnders / 12. November 2019

    The Cafe Immergrün first opened in 1991 and has been since that a popular destination for everyone, who just needs a short break from the everyday troubles.

    No matter if in the morning, midday, afternoon or evening: No matter what time of the day you stop by, there’s always something going on here.

    It was first opened in Fürstengraben, not far away from it’s location now. The move then happened in 1998 to the Jenergasse 6, where the Immergrün still resides today.

    The cafe has always been a meeting point for students, in front and also behind the counter. But you can also meet working people, young families and kids during your visit to the Immergrün. So there is for example also a children’s corner and a swing and a sandbox on the terrace.

    But the Immergrün just offers everything your heart could desire: changing seasonal dishes – many of them vegetarian or vegan – are part of the menu as well as different cakes, that are homemade every day. They also have a big selection of loose teas and even after work you can come over and relax with some beer or wine.

    Beyond the daily cafe business, there are also different types of events happening at the Immergrün, like for example concerts or readings under the name culture cafe. Also games nights and club meetings take place here.

    So what are you waiting for? Let’s visit Immergrün!


  • By VivienEnders / 10. November 2019

    The Theaterhaus Jena is one of Jena’s older institutions. In 1872 the first theatre building was built, which has, as well as the cityscape, developed over the years. The repertoire is always a colourful mix selected for everyone.


    In addition to classical drama,  for the summer month the Theaterhaus organizes with various cooperation partners, the KulturArena which includes the following categories: FilmArena, KonzertArena, TheaterArena & KinderArena. There you can go and watch classics movies like Casablanca, but also novelties like Bohemian Rhapsody until late in the evening. The tasty food & wine which is sold locally are a perfect complement for a cosy evening under the canopy.

    The Theaterhaus also has a lot to offer when it comes to concerts. We have already welcomed Faber, Mighty Oaks, Von Wegen Lisbeth & Tom Odell to Jena. But the tickets for the concert are always quickly gone, so here’s a little tip for students from our side: in the warm summer nights you can sit in front of the theatre and enjoy the music from there!


    Besides the generally fair prices and discounts, all students of the Friedrich-Schiller-University and the Ernst-Abbe-Hochschule with a valid semester ticket have the possibility to buy a free culture ticket. With this ticket you have the chance of free admission to all repertoire performances of the Theaterhaus.


    Once the performances in the Theaterhaus are over, the nearby Theatercafé offers the perfect opportunity to round off the evening in a relaxed atmosphere!


  • By VivienEnders / 7. November 2019

    The bronze Hanfried statue stands right in the middle of the historical market place of Jena and shows the elector Johann Friedrich the Noble, which later, due to a student’s joke, was also called Hanfried.  The elector is the founder of the university in 1558 and for the 300-year festivities, on the 18thof August 1858 the statue was unveiled in his honor.

    The statue was made by the sculptor Johann Friedrich Drake and shows the founder of the university in the talar and chain of a rector, as well as with a sword and a bible.

    The university was founded after the Ernestines lost the state university in Wittenberg because of the Schmalkaldic wars and Johann Friedrich I. initiated the building of an ‘advanced school’ that soon after turned into a university.

    Maybe interesting for the ones that want to pursue their academical career in Jena: There is an old academic ritual, that says after successfully passing the promotion, you have to throw a wreath over the sword of the statue. Which isn’t really that easy, concerning the height of the statue.


  • By VivienEnders / 5. November 2019

     You always wanted to try climbing, are already an experienced climber or are just wondering if this could be a sport for you?

    Then the Kletterzentrum rocks. is the place to go for you!

    Since 2001 the indoor climbing hall offers urban climbing for everyone. You’ll experience a homely and friendly atmosphere in the old industrial chic climbing hall. Everyone is welcome here, from young to old, from recreational athletes to professionals. Anybody can let off some steam on the over 1500qm big climbing area. Here are about 150 routes in every level of difficulty and different climbing terrains. The eyecatcher of the hall is the big tripod with its “icicles” and the outdoor wall with floodlight opened all year long.

    The café area and the green garden invite you to stay and relax before, during or after your climbing experience. For those who are new in climbing and/or are interested in it, the Kletterzentrum rocks. offers regulary courses or assisted climbing to try it out by yourself. Birthday parties and company events are also in good hands here. The offer is completed with the in-house climbing shop.

    The Kletterzentrum rocks. in Jena – experience, expertise and responsibility. Come around and have look!


  • By VivienEnders / 3. November 2019

    Jena isn’t called city of lights for no reason: light was always playing a big role in Jena as it is the location of many optics firms – and light also plays a big role for the Zeiss-Planetarium. It first opened its doors in 1926 and is therefore deemed to be the world’s oldest operational planetarium.

    With the help of the latest technique it leads its visitors on a journey to the infinite expanses of space. A nightly starry sky emerges in front of the spectator’s eyes, that expands well beyond the borders of the Milky Way.

    But not only stars are projected here: the planetarium offers a varied mixture of entertainment and transfer of knowledge in the forms of live lectures, programs for kids, evenings of listening, music lasershows and exclusive events.

    The special part in Jena: on the more than 800 m² big dome even impressive three-dimensional worlds for the eye and the ear emerge. With this outstanding light and sound concept the Zeiss-Planetarium Jena belongs to the most modern planetariums of the world.


  • By VivienEnders / 1. November 2019

    For all you sweet tooths out there: We have the perfect address for you.

    There are super delicious waffles and great ice cream bowls!

    Where? Well at 401 – Waffeln & Co, right at the Saalestraße 9!

    For the ones fond of sweets, they offer lovingly decorated waffles with fruits, chocolate, ice cream and everything else that the heart (and the stomach) can desire.

    Who doesn’t like it just as sweet, can just choose one of the hearty waffles, because the 401 offers those as well. In that case for example tomatoes, arugula or ewe’s cheese find their way onto your plate. Hearty waffles? Who has never tried those, should definitely take the chance!

    For the ice princes and princesses of you, there are also big ice cream sundaes of your choice waiting for you.


  • By HWK Team / 29. October 2019

    This place is probably best described with the term love-hate relationship. Because the reason we spend hours and days here are mostly dreading exams or essays. But in some way, the ThULB is also pretty. And a coffee with friends in the ThULB Garden never hurt no essay.

    The main building of the library is one of four big partial libraries of the Thüringer state library. Across four floors stretch rows of shelves over shelves filled with humanities textbooks ranging from anglistics to psychology. But thanks to the big windows, the rooms are still filled with light and open, so that everyone can find a nice place to sit and learn at.

    If you get hungry or thirsty, the Cafeteria at the ground floor of the library offers a wide range of snacks, sandwiches or cakes. During lunchtime they also offer a warm meal.

    When you cant find a book in the ThULB or just want to own a textbook for yourself, you should visit Thalia. Next to the regular bookshop, Thalia also has a shop that is specifically oriented towards the needs of the university. So here you’ll find 50.000 books, including textbooks, academic compilations or monographs from all different areas. Next to scientific literature you can also find novels or thrillers and a range of movies, presents and toys.

    PS: If you still need a little incentive – starting tomorrow (30.10.) we will raffle off gift cards for Thalia! Just take a look at our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/hauptwohnsitz/.

  • By VivienEnders / 27. October 2019

    You have finally arrived in Jena and feel at home, then be courageous and take the next step!

    Make Jena your main residence!

    The advantages speak for themselves. In addition to the 120€ you can reserve for yourself, your re-registration also gives you the right to help shape your city politically and culturally. You don’t have to go home every time for every little administrative visit, instead you can simply take care of it online or just around the corner in Löbdergraben 12.

    The citizen service in Jena is located right in the city centre and can be reached quickly and easily. The appointments are allocated online so that you can be sure that you don’t have to wait a long time. Usually you can make an appointment the next day and sometimes on the same day. Grab the certificate of your lessor and your identity card and make it official!

    The city will thank you for it, where it can extend the cultural, sporty and social offer further, by your re-registration and thus ensures for the fact that the multicolored variety, which Jena excells as a city remains available.


  • By VivienEnders / 24. October 2019

    It is famous and infamous at the same time in Jena: The Johannistor.

    With its height of 20 meters and located directly in the center as a part of the pedestrian zone it is nearly unmissable, still, no student dares to walk through it. Why, you wonder? An old superstition says, that whoever walks through the gate, fails his exams after. If that is true, nobody can say with absolute certainty but only a few dare to take that chance.

    So that you should only pass the gateway at your own’s risk is something every student in Jena will tell you, but how about the history behind the Johannistor?

    In the 14thCentury it was a part of the old city wall, today it is the last widely preserved city gate. It once was a part of the fortifications around Jena, but it also had functions in terms of trade and traffic, because the trade on the east-west-axis was controlled here. The gate was the most important entrance gate for the trade road from Erfurt for example.

    By the way, the name of the Johannistor results from the bordering Johannis-suburbs, which then again got their names from the Johannis church located there.


  • By VivienEnders / 22. October 2019

    You feel like going shopping? Then the Del.Corazón is exactly the right store for you, because here are two beautiful things combined in a shop: fashion and food. Sounds great? It is! Here you can browse not only the latest trends in fashion, you can also have breakfast, lunch or dinner right after the shopping tour. The Del.Corazón is a store with a very special atmosphere right in the heart of Jena, which after 10 years in fashion business added the culinary delights to its concept. In the gastronomic area of Del.Corazón, special emphasis is placed on sustainable enjoyment. In addition, many different events take place in the shop e.g. fashion shows. With the wide range of offers and innovative ideas a visit is always worthwhile, whether only for the coffee in between or for the new fashion snack. You do not have time for a meal after shopping? No problem – the store also offers a fresh meal with its “Stullenbox”. Simply order and pick up, even better than Mum’s.


  • By VivienEnders / 20. October 2019

    In the middle of the Paradiespark and directly at the Saale river but also a little bit hidden, there is the coffee bar ‚Strand 22‘. During the day you can rent a pedal boat to explore the nature or simply enjoy a delicious coffee and let the feet dangle in the water. For the really hot summer days, there are various iced coffee creations and a colourful variety of lemonades. Every week on Saturdays at 10 o’clock, the event Strandmatte takes place. The outdoor yoga and pilates classes give you the feeling of a short holiday in the middle of Jena.

    With the various evening events from Latin Sounds to Techno, the coffee bar attracts young and old. The annual ‚Strand 22‘ opening party is particularly popular.

    The time to make yourself comfortable outside at the Saale is unfortunately over now. The last rays of sunshine were filled up, and the last iced coffee was enjoyed. ‚Strand 22‘ is now taking a well-deserved winter break until next summer. Till then we long for the winter pendant of the beach bar – the ‚Schneebrettbar‘ (snow board bar). It is located in the inner courtyard of the market passage, directly at the market place. On the weekends from the end of November to the middle of December while it is cold outside, you can buy all kinds of hot drinks and dance to electro beats in thick winter coats. In addition to the classic Christmas market, this is a cosy alternative on grey winter evenings.


  • By HWK Team / 18. October 2019

    Hygge! That’s Danish for coziness. In the worldwide report of luck, the United Nations of Denmark regularly take up the first spot. Maybe the reason for that could be the typical Danish way of living, which can be summed up with the term ‘Hygge’.

    But to experience that Hygge-feeling, you don’t have to travel all the way to Denmark – it’s right around the corner in Jena! Because Holz & Hygge is the new Sweet Spot in town, where chic wooden design furniture meets the smell of freshly brewed coffee. Handpicked design furniture, home accessories and wooden lamps are presented here – all in the Nordic style. You’ll also be presented with personal and competent advice, as well as a comfortable feel-good-atmosphere.

    If you’re looking for a cool piece of furniture for your apartment, you’re at the right place. You can also enjoy the special atmosphere with all your senses in the Café. And experience real Hygge!

  • By HWK Team / 15. October 2019

    Whether it’s gonna be the latest Action Blockbuster, the comedy of the century or a Thriller: The Cinestar in Jena is the place to go for all the movie lovers. On seven days a week you can enjoy the latest movies from all different genres.

    But the Cinestar has a lot more to offer besides the normal program. Every Monday and Thursday on Original Mondays and Thursdays you can for example see a recent movie in the original soundtrack. Exactly the right thing for all the language enthusiasts out there! The CineSneak is also something special for friends of the surprise. Every second Thursday you can see a movie long before its original starting date and even to a special price! Only problem with the whole thing is: You won’t know what movie is actually shown before the start of it.

    But if you think that is too risky you can of course also visit one of the other movie premieres, such as the CineLady Glam Preview or the Action Heroes Blockbuster Preview. Because you can’t really go to the movies without some Popcorn, the Cinestar offers a wide range of snacks and drinks in the foyer. So grab your best friend, choose a movie and enjoy!

  • By HWK Team / 13. October 2019

    Everyone loves the Jenaer Central Park pendant: the paradise park. The green oasis has been called simply “paradise” since the middle ages. And it isn’t hard to guess why: with its close proximity to the city center, the park is the place to go for all outdoor freaks and sun worshipers, whatever the weather.

    If you’ve included the different running tracks in to your training schedule, present a few tricks with your board at the skatepark or just ring in the Thuringian barbecuing season in summer – the park offers something for everybody and wasn’t pronounced a cultural monument for no reason.

    When it comes to general entertainment, there’s also a lot going on in the paradise: concerts at the glass house, a refreshing cocktail at ‘Strand 22’, relaxed coffee drinking at the paradise café or just the disposable grill from Tegut – right next to the Saale, Jenaer and Jenenser enjoy their time together in the green.

  • By VivienEnders / 10. October 2019

    The Jentower is renownedly a skyscraper in Jena or better THE skyscraper in Jena. With its height of 159 meters and 31 stores it is the highest office building in the new federal states. According to Wikipedia it has 1.456 windows – guess you can believe that.

    The building is called several different names, like Intershop Tower, university tower, ‘Keksrolle’ or just “the Tower”. After its finalization in 1972 and several move ins and outs, the tower is now mainly used as an office building. The main tenant, with about half of the area, is the company Intershop Communications AG, which is probably why they were allowed to write their name on the building. Next to that also other companies and scientific facilities are located here.


  • By VivienEnders / 8. October 2019

    In the mood for a cozy atmosphere? Then Café Brandmarken is the place to be for you.

    Rustic coziness and yummy sweets – that’s what Café Brandmarken has to offer. It is located in the central of Jena at Saalstraße 12 and pampers its visitors with delicious pies, tartes and cakes.

    You can also have breakfast here and there’s something for everyone: no matter if vegan, vegetarian or omnivore, the sweet or the salty breakfast type. You’ll definitely find something really good.

    But the café doesn’t only get its charm from the delicious food, but also because of the handpicked furniture and the lovely people. Furnished like your grannies living room, you can just sit back in a big armchair and watch the people walk by the large windows.

    For a champagne breakfast, for a coffee with your best friends or simply for something sweet – swing by at Brandmarken!


  • By VivienEnders / 6. October 2019

    The Landgraf is one of the most popular viewing points at the light city Jena. He offers a fantastic view on the city lying about 100 meters below. From the 30 meter high observation tower, which isn’t called the ‚Balcony of Jena‘, you can enjoy the best view.

    The area around the Landgrafen is mainly famous for the double battle of Jena and Auerstedt. So there is a lot of history around there, like almost everywhere in Jena.

    The Landgraf doesn’t only impress with the nice view, but is also a starting point for many beautiful hikes on the heights of Jena. He is part of many hiking routes, for example the get-fit-trail or the paths through the ‚Goethewäldchen‘ (Goethe forest). So dig out the hiking shoes and explore Jena! Especially on holidays you can meet a lot of students here, who use the free time for some hiking tours.

    To recover from the steep hike, you can get something to eat at the panorama restaurant „Landgrafen“. A dream come true for every gourmet! And the creative kitchen furthermore mainly uses regional products.


  • By VivienEnders / 4. October 2019

    Although Jena is already quite green, if you search for the full plant-experience, you should visit the botanical garden. On 4.5 hectares of land, around 10,000 plant species from all vegetation zones of the earth are cultivated in open-air and greenhouse plants. With its colorful annual program there is always something to discover in the Botanical Garden, whether guided tours and lectures, concerts or cooking classes – there is certainly something for everyone here. Through its colorful annual program there is always something to discover in the Botanical Garden, whether guided tours and lectures, concerts or cooking classes – there is certainly something for everyone here.Or should it not have been enough for a vacation under the palm trees, then you can escape the stress of everyday life in Jena and let your soul dangle in the tropical palm house. Since the garden is part of the Friedrich Schiller University, students of the university can even go in for free. Not only the plants of the garden are interesting, also its history is impressive, which dates back to the 16th century and was heavily influenced by Goethe. So let’s go, enjoy the time in the green heart of Jena!


  • By VivienEnders / 1. October 2019

    A cafe and at the same time also a fabric shop? Sounds like the perfect place for you? Then the Kabuff is definitely the right store for you! In the cute concept store right in the middle of the Wagnergasse, you can not only drink coffee, but can afterwards also browse trough handpicked fabrics, as well as sewing and crafting accessories.

    You’ll definitely always find new inspiration or cute ideas for your next sewing project here. And if some time you don’t know for sure how to deal with the next project, there’s a sewing workshop explaining in demand topics, like children’s clothing, birthdays, presents oder accessories for yourself every Thursday.

    If you’re perfectly prepared for the next creative plans, you might need some down time and for that you can also just stay in the Kabuff. Get cozy in the chic furnished Cafe and relax a little bit. Next to a range of different hot and cold drinks, you can also get something sweet or hearty to eat. The Kabuff also offers a range of different little tasty treats here, but they are best known for their cupcakes! if you haven’t tried one yet, you definitely should! And no worries, if you’re not such a big sweet tooth, or just can’t decide, the cupcakes also come in a mini version!

    So what are you waiting for, come by and visit the Kabuff!