Throw yourself into the mix and get 120 euros!

3 Steps To Your Main Residence

Make an appointment at the citizen office online. To register your main residence in Jena, you have to bring a confirmation from your landlord with your new adress.

Löbdergraben 12, 07743 Jena

Go to the INFOtake at the university campus with your ID card (with new Jena adress) and your study certificate. Ask for the form for education support (form is in german) and fill it out.

Ernst-Abbe-Platz 5, 07743 Jena

You will get 120 euros over the next two semesters (60 euros after each semester). Have fun discovering Jena.

Attention! For the second 60 euros you need to go back to the INFOTake and fill out another form for education support.


The education support is for both, students and trainees. You will receive the education support when you are new to Jena and have registered your main residence here. Also, you need to study in Jena for the time of a full degree. Students on a semester abroad are excluded.

Every change of residence must be reported in germany. The place of residence can either be registered as a main residence or a secondary residence. Only those who use their home very irregularly should register their home as a secondary residence. Whoever relocates his center of life to the new city in which he studies or makes an education, should register his main residence there.

Jena welcomes you in your new home! The term “student paradise” is not fictitious: Almost 25,000 students form a large part of the inhabitants and they also enormously enrich the cityscape of Jena. They bring color into the streets; ensure a lively scene and young ideas in political and social discourse. Because you are doing a lot for Jena, the city is also trying to do as much as possible for you. Your city shows commitment to an above-average cultural, sporty and social offer. The maintenance and expansion of these offers will also be financed. And this is why your main residence is so important: For every citizen who reports his main residence in Jena, the city receives funds from the Land of Thuringia. The city does not receive these funds for residents who are registered as a secondary residence. With your registration of the main residence, you contribute to the fact that Jena has more to offer. That’s your profit!